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So Simple. So Easy. So Perfect.

Small businesses need a telephone system thatís simple, easy and offers the right features and benefits for their needs. New from AT&T, Synapseģ can help with user-friendly displays, features and installation, you can focus on your business and staying ahead of the curve.

The Synapse Deskset from AT&T is designed for medium businesses. Synapse supports up to 100 extensions and is scalable from 1 to 16 outside PSTN lines and a PRI. By using the upgradable software, you can enhance the phone systemís capabilities now and in the future, so as your business grows, your phone system can too.

Synapse doesnít require special wiring. Each phone connects to the same Ethernet jacks shared by the businessí computers. A Gateway box connects the Desksets to the outside phone lines. As each Deskset and Gateway is connected, other Desksets and Gateways in the system are recognized. The system instantly configures itself with the most commonly used settings.